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Getting Started With DropPack

Welcome to DropPack, the ultimate command-line interface and subscription service for managing and deploying actions in your projects. This guide will walk you through the essential steps to get started with DropPack.

Sign Up for DropPack

  1. Visit the DropPack sign-up page at

  2. Follow the registration process to create your DropPack account. You will need to login in with either your GitHub or GitLab account to use DropPack.

  3. Once registered, log in to your DropPack account to access the full range of features.

Create an Organization

To start using DropPack, you need to create an organization. Organizations provide a way to organize and manage your actions and API tokens. Follow these steps to create an organization:

  1. Log in to your DropPack account.

  2. Click on your profile icon in the top-right corner of the dashboard.

  3. Select “Create Organization” from the dropdown menu.

  4. Provide a unique name for your organization. This name will be part of the URL for your organization’s dashboard (e.g.,

  5. Click “Create Organization” to confirm.

Generate API Tokens

API tokens are essential for interacting with DropPack programmatically, such as publishing and installing actions. Here’s how you can generate API tokens for your organization:

  1. Log in to your DropPack account.

  2. Access your organization’s dashboard by clicking on its name in the left sidebar.

  3. Navigate to the “Settings” section.

  4. Click on “API Tokens.”

  5. Click the “Generate Token” button to create a new API token.

  6. Give the token a meaningful name to help you identify its purpose.

  7. Click “Generate Token” to generate the token. Make sure to copy and securely store the token, as it won’t be displayed again.

Install the DropPack CLI

To interact with DropPack from your command line, you’ll need to install the DropPack CLI. You can do this using NPM (Node Package Manager). Open your terminal and run the following command:

npm i -g @droppack/cli

This command installs the DropPack CLI globally on your system.

Using the DropPack CLI

With the DropPack CLI installed, you can start managing actions and deploying them to your projects. Here are some basic commands to get you started:

To execute a DropPack CLI command, open your terminal and use the following format:

npx @droppack/cli [command]

Replace [command] with the specific command you want to run.

For example, to publish an action to your organization, use the following command:

npx @droppack/cli publish @my-first/package --token=[YOUR_API_TOKEN]

To see a full list of options, you can run the following:

npx @droppack/cli help

Congratulations! You’re now ready to make the most of DropPack and streamline your action management workflow. Explore the capabilities of DropPack and enhance your development process today!